Autumn 2013

Autumn 2013

Sunday, August 5, 2012


So, we're back! after a long weekend in Copenhagen: a lot of driving, a lot of walking, sightseeing, a bit of knitting and watching Olympics ... that's about it. 

Thursday: 4½ hours driving, not a lot by US standards, but this is practically across the whole country :o) 
We stayed at an airport hotel near Kastrup, the Copenhagen GO hotel. The rooms are small: we had a double room with an extra bed, that turned out to be a bunk bed placed across the head end of the double beds. So if you're staying three people, one of you has to be able to climb a ladder. It was fine for us, though. The breakfast room had three tvs going on different channels (no sound, though); I have no idea what they show outside the Olympics.

Anyway, Friday we went to the Zoo. My boys are always happy to look at animals, living or dead, science and / or natural history museums. 
For some reason, I decided to drive. Normally, I avoid driving in Copenhagen: lots of traffic in unfamiliar territory is not really my cup of tea, and the parking was a bit of a nightmare - if the car had been a real TARDIS, I could just have plonked it somewhere behind some trees, and all would be well. I was on a steep learning curve ... but we got there in the end.
The weather behaved, the lion cubs were adorable, and I even got to do a little knitting in public - my Pythia top is ideal for an out-and-about project, being one-skein and in-the-round.

This memorial stone is for my great-grandfather, who was Director of the Zoo.

Saturday saw the original reason for going to Copenhagen: my 14 yr-old, Victor, is into geology - and guitars - and so we went to the Museum of Geology, headed by the internationally renowned Minik Rosing (he wasn't there, though). This time, we took a train into town ... 

To get to the museum from the station, we walked through the Botanical Gardens in beautiful sunshine and even popped inside the tropical house. 

Outside the museum, which is a part of the University, sits (most of) one of the heaviest meteorites found in Greenland. This bit weighs around 15 tonnes. The rust colour shows the high iron content.

I had wanted to go to the Art Museum right across the street, but for some reason, my boys were rather tired at this point (they will happily walk miles for animals, plants, and rocks, but paintings ... not so much). So we chose to stroll through the pedestrianised streets, savouring the summer Saturday scenes of vendors, performers and general throngs of people, across Raadhuspladsen and right past Tivoli to Hard Rock Café for an early dinner. 
And more public knitting :o) 

And so today, we just got up, packed, breakfasted (including Olympic swimming, badminton, and football) and drove back home. 

I didn't get too much knitting done; a couple of rounds here & there on the Pythia during the days out; 
in the mornings and evenings, it was TARDIS time. I did manage to bead all the lights for the Tardises on the Bigger on the Inside and finish 2 sides of the Tardis to be stuffed. 

But ... from the outset, I divided all three projects into smaller 'jobs' and then calculated that I had to do 5 small jobs a day to finish. When I got home today, with a week left of the Olympics, I still had 48 jobs left - which of course means 7 jobs a day! I'll have to get busy to get everything done in time ... 

So now you will have to excuse me :o) 
Thank you for stopping by, I will be back soon with more tales of life, knitting and other things.

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