Autumn 2013

Autumn 2013

Monday, December 3, 2012

Winter is here!

So, December arrived – and with it the snow:
Sunday morning, just before 8 o'clock and dawn

The green


The cat is enjoying it: he crouches and pounces, chasing leaves and making snowballs – seriously, he grabbed snow between his front paws and threw it like he would throw a mouse or a mole; it mostly got into his own face.

The Knitting:
Is still, of course, all about Christmas knitting. The List is dwindling, and things are moving along, though not at all as quickly as I would like right now. At times, I even question the sanity of attempting to knit for everybody ... I know, that must be a sign of weakness. Snap out of it and get knitting!

Several things are done, though: this coming Sunday, we are visiting friends of mine together with another couple of friends – and all their gifts are ready (apart from the washing & blocking, which I will do today). 
I present to you: a Dragonfly Wings scarf, a Nottingham hat, a pair of Podster Gloves, a Knotty but Nice hat and a Little Owl. So far, so good.

Everything except for the owl is made with plant-dyed yarn; both hats and the mittens in an Aran weight wool I picked up last year in Netto, of all places – a supermarket chain that apart from the standard goods has various temporary deals. Including yarn: horrid acrylic, fun fur and such as well as nicer yarns, 100 % wool, soy-wool blends etc. So I bought two kilos of that wool, when they had it, and now I’m rather hoping it will show up again.
For the scarf I used the Zitron Trekking wool-silk-bamboo blend; this is the first I have knitted with it, and it is somewhat different to the sock yarn, not quite as soft, it seems to me. Still soft and lovely, though, don’t get me wrong, just slightly different.

And the socks for my Dad are moving: I’m on the toe of the first one, and now I have those twisted stitches’ number! Both the right twist and the left twist. So maybe the second sock will be quicker. A girl can dream, right?

And the ... um, thing is nearly done, will be so this week, and then I can start on the ... well, other thing and maybe even a ... third thing. Because I have too much time on my hands. This is fascinating, isn’t it? I will tell you more after Christmas – I have to be secretive right now concerning stuff for people who might be reading this.

Some time ago, the Knit 1 Geek 2 girls announced a ‘hobbitalong’: a Tolkien-themed knit-/crochet-/sew-/cross stitch-along for items to wear when going to the Hobbit movie. And I came across a cowl with a leaf motif that to my mind looks somewhat Elvish – they live in the woods, don’t they – and happily declared my participation. This was in October, mind you, way before the threat of impending Christmas gift giving loomed over me. Oh, well, in for a penny ... so last night I swatched for this cowl, and luckily it seems to be a really quick knit. I am using a heavier yarn than called for, a silk-wool blend that I dyed last year, and so I will be doing one less pattern repeat in the round.
The pattern is the Abstract Leaves Cowl by Deb Mulder; the yarn is a DK weight silk & wool blend that has been sitting in my stash for ... maybe 16 years. Can that be? I got it when my kids were little, that much I know. Well, about time I put it to work, then.
So, quick knit; and tonight I am going along – for the first time – to the monthly meeting in the Story Tellers’ club. Since I am new, I will be listening to stories and not yet telling any, so I can knit. Good times.

Other than that, I am working on yet another Little Owl, this time for my cousin’s little girl; and her brother will be getting something too, maybe a different owl. And I want to cast on this week for the Cassandra shawl for my mum and a couple of ... other things (I’m doing it again, I know. Sorry about that.).

Well, that’s it for now – short & sweet this time: I have some knitting to do ...
Till next time: have a great week, and
Happy Knitting!

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