Autumn 2013

Autumn 2013

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Hello everybody, and welcome to the Apple Basket!

This week, the format will be slightly different: fewer words, more pictures. I am writing on my NaNoWriMo project, and although the number of words in the universe is infinite, the number of hours in a day is not.

So this week’s post is more of a picture gallery with comments.

Last weekend, Andreas and I went to Nottingham, UK, for the Black Library Weekender II.

We rented a car this time instead of taking the train between Birmingham (the airport) and Nottingham, so I got to drive on the left side.
The car rental wanted to give us a Peugeot 308 which was ... okay ... I guess, but then they couldn’t find it at the car park and gave us an Opel Astra instead. Happy times!

During the weekend, I read this:

and knitted these – watchman caps in Peruvian Highland wool for Andreas (black) and Victor (green):

and bought these, co-authored by Dan Abnett and his wife Nik Vincent:

We went to Dan’s book signing on Sunday, and Nik showed up at the right moment, so I not only had my books signed by both of them, but was able to give Nik the Bequin shawl prototype. And Nik, of course, IS Alizebeth Bequin, so that was just perfect.

We went to all the best seminars, obviously, several of them on the Horus Heresy series which I haven’t read yet (hangs head in shame).
This is from the final megapanel on Sunday afternoon, featuring seven authors and an artist – a big hit this year was the release of a 100-page Horus Heresy graphic novel, Macragge’s Honour, written by Dan Abnett (third from the right) and drawn/painted by Neil Roberts (far right).
Andreas bought this, of course, and had it signed by both of them.

What else?
I started a pair of socks, my Storm socks in the Foot Hugger pattern and Arwetta Classic in the colourway Perfect Storm.

During this week, apart from desperately trying to catch up on sleep and NaNo word count and laundry and not saying stupid things in front of the students – Latin sometimes doesn’t make sense, when you’re tired – I felt cold and cast on for a cardigan.

This is the Same Same, a top-down cardigan featuring the contiguous sleeve construction and pleats at the fronts of the saddle shoulder.
I’m using Kauni ELC, a blue-black combination, which is why my cardigan is called Night Skies:

‘Tis the season and all that, and although I am NOT knitting for everybody this year (see above re hours in the day), there will be a few knitted Christmas presents. So, until after Christmas, I have knitting that I’m not showing. I have started one project, that much I’ll reveal for now :o)

That’s it for this time, then. I am going back to my novel writing – I will be back next week, possibly in picture mode again, we’ll see – and until then:
Have a great week, take care, have fun, happy crafting, and happy writing if you’re into that sort of thing!

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