Autumn 2013

Autumn 2013

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Hello, everybody! Just a quick update on things before I head off for the weekend: there is knitting going on, I am reading a book, and plans change. Pictures will follow.

Seeing as the Black Library Weekender is a publisher’s event where you get the chance to meet writers and all that, I decided months ago that I wanted to read something by these authors; some of the novels set in the Warhammer universe. Well, you know how it is: suddenly, without any warning, there were less than two weeks to go, and I had to settle for just one book.
I asked Andreas about it, and he consulted his well-stocked library and handed me the Eisenhorn trilogy by Dan Abnett. So much for it being one book. Never mind, I can read 765 pages in eleven days, I know that. 
It was a bit slow going at first, not because the book isn’t good, but because this was a whole new world to me. I have, of course, been familiar with the little figures for years, I have seen the various soldiers and tanks, and heard the names of ranks and classes – but still, it’s the same whenever you enter in to a new setting; it takes some familiarisation. Anyway, I picked up my pace along the way.

I had undertaken the project in a homeworkey frame of mind: I was preparing for an event by getting to know what it was all about. But quite soon, I was surprised at how good the book was; the story is not all about war, even though there are two fire fights in the first 40 pages or so. The protagonist, Gregor Eisenhorn, is an Imperial Inquisitor, a kind of ecclesiastic detective searching for heretics and burning books (which does trouble me slightly, on principle); but there is room for descriptions of clothes and food and all the little things that make the story open up and get close to you. Also, I have fun with the semi-Latin that abounds; the Imperium is based on both the Roman Empire and the Church of Rome.

My next thought was that of course the book is well written: it is, after all, by Dan Abnett. I knew his name from the spines of at least 20 Warhammer books on Andreas’ shelves, before I found his Doctor Who books; one of my Ravellenic Games listen-while-you-knit-TARDISes this summer was The Silent Stars Go By. So really, no surprise there. 
And the at first so puritanical Eisenhorn approaches the warp side along the way to find means and ways to conquer evil.

So, yesterday I had been happily knitting on the beaded Hitchhiker while reading –  you know, the one for my mum for Christmas? In the afternoon, she came by to find out how much Thomas and Victor will need her while I am away the next three days, for comfort, company and cooking. While we chatted, I asked her about the hints she has been dropping about the Haruni I made for her birthday being ‘a good Christmas present’. As it turns out, she would very much like a second Haruni for Christmas: she does not use the first one as much as she would like, because she is ‘saving’ it. So a second one could be nice, perhaps in a burgundy red?
As if I didn’t have enough to plan, my thoughts immediately turned to the question of how to make a burgundy; madder and logwood, maybe? Perhaps some brazilwood thrown into the mix? And just the other day, I got a newsletter from 123knit announcing that the Arwetta Classic sock yarn is now available undyed.
So I can use the exact same yarn as for the first Haruni; I ordered some to experiment on next week. And yes, I am aware that I can just go and buy some burgundy red Arwetta, and they have a beautiful variegated one that I have been eyeing. I may do that, if my dye experiments are not satisfactory. But I do need to try it out first.

So, what about the Hitchhiker? I intend to finish it – even though it does seem rather unimportant right now – and then we’ll see. I may decide to keep it for myself and make a pair of socks to match. Or even flip-top mittens, come to think of it. They can be beaded ...

But it is no longer on the Christmas list to be crossed off, darn it.
And speaking of the Christmas knitting: I wrote out the list – and immediately rebelled against this utterly self-imposed work regimen by making myself a Jayne hat. In purple. Because I can.
Jayne Cobb, not afraid of anything

Me, in my cunning hat :o)
Anyway, the Carnaby skirt is practically finished, apart from the buttons. The knitting and crocheting (for the waist band) I did on Monday and then washed it: the water came out blue on the first rinse, purple on the next three or so, and then fading into a purplish pink and finally clear. And the walnut-coloured stripe didn’t take up any of the blue. So, buttons.

And I think I have finally decided on what knitting to bring: the Bowtie socks because socks are a good travel project, pattern and yarn for a Nottingham hat (seriously, that is the name of the pattern; how can I resist?) – and probably a hat that I started the other day. Question is, will that be enough? I could wind yarn for a shawl and bring that, just in case.

So, that’s it for now – I need to finish packing and get some sleep before 3 a.m. Have a great weekend, and
Happy Knitting!

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